A twenty-year history serving clients, supporting, and managing various operation environments have contributed to the diverse experience and culture to create KIMSOLV.  There is proven experience supporting technology businesses as they promote, implement, and deploy their software products for customer use. Support is also provided to companies that adopt new systems to increase productivity and profitability.


Service is provided to help users learn and maximize their benefit of adopting new business systems. We understand that new system implementations can help with efficiency and growth if an event can occur as seamless as possible and with customer satisfaction as the focus. Thorough analysis, research, incident tracking, testing, and customer service has been Kimsolv’s contribution. Industry experience includes software technology, investment banking, consulting and CRM within sales. Assistance can help lessen the worry and time building new relationships, growing an existing business, record keeping, billing, transaction processing, user training, and user support. Specific systems we have worked with are proprietary billing systems, Raiser’s Edge, and NetSuite.


In recent times, the need for documentation services has also grown. It continues to provide opportunities to help mobile entities and professionals meet important correspondence deliverables and demanding communication efforts. If the day has swiftly come to an end, and you need help with a documentation project, but no time or personnel, then we can help.


All you must do as a client is describe your project need, a timeline, a budget, and KIMSOLV will do the rest to ensure you meet your deadlines. Long-term help can assist with keeping the day to day responsibilities on track; in addition to balancing time. We Work So You Can Live!


Our concept is ideal for all sized businesses and all are welcomed.


We work so you can live!


Office: 781-214-6228