An extensive history supporting clients, products, and entities with varying business objectives; contributed to the diverse experience and culture to create KIMSOLV. I have proven experience supporting proprietary applications and products for start ups and well established business leaders, as they promote, implement, and deploy their software for customer use. Support is also provided to companies and professionals that simply require assistance with administrative tasks while they focus on productivity and profitability.


From a product perspective, service is provided to help users learn and maximize their benefit upon adopting new business systems. I enjoy assisting users as they get acclimated to new systems and processes, while also maintaining a balanced focus on customer satisfaction. Thorough research, incident tracking, testing, and customer service are pivotal service offerings through KIMSOLV. Specific sectors that helped shape my skill set include software technology, investment banking, consulting and communications. Specific systems I have worked with are proprietary billing and file transfer systems, CRM, JIRA ticket system, and NetSuite.  


In response to the need for companies and professionals to quickly adjust and manage their operations remotely, there has been an increase in opportunities for independent contractors to help with administrative and customer relationship management tasks. These services have aided in completing important correspondence deliverables and demanding communication efforts where resources or personnel are limited.  


All you must do as a client is describe your project need, a timeline, and budget. KIMSOLV will go from there.

I Work So You Can Live!

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Office: 781-214-6228