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KIMSOLV Is Helping To Save Money

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

There is a saying that "time is money", see how taking the time to work with KIMSOLV brings value to your bottom line.

KIMSOLV is growing and deepening our understanding of how to maintain and grow great partnerships. We are 100% committed to using the value of time and money to yours and our benefit.

Plan with Ease

Do you have a plan in mind but not enough hours or ability to cover all the demands to work on it? Whether it's with one task or a few, we love to help.

It is a fact that planning an event requires flexibility, creativity and time. Your mind is populated by so many ideas and dreamy outcomes of the event and things to do. The challenge however is the checklist can be quite lengthy and the various tasks and places to go can be overwhelming. Even if a person is extremely organized, it is difficult to morph from one person to two or three for the sake of getting everything done. Go ahead, #tryandmorph away.

How we can save dollars and a day!

KIMSOLV’s associates have encountered the “disheveled” client before; who thought they could handle planning a grand opening or special event without reaching out for help. It is the age-old assumption that implies a person or organization can always save more money if they do everything on their own as opposed to acquiring paid help. The thing to keep in mind is that such an expense has value. For instance, an associate hired through KIMSOLV can take the pain out of the most stressful tasks on your list. A scenario that stands out was when our associate helped another planner to achieve a milestone event. One would automatically assume that a person who plans for a living would be able to superhero their way through planning an event of their own. This assumption is an accurate one, but being a good planner also calls for knowing when to solicit resources for help and achieve a flawless event.

After this client met with KIMSOLV, our associate immediately reviewed their list of to do’s and identified which would suffer the biggest cost if they were not executed properly. We didn’t just save the day by handling tasks that would have otherwise been missed or arranged with some inadequacies, but we also saved the client money over and above the cost of acquiring our assistance. It turned out the expenses incurred for our help paled in comparison to the money that could have equated to a loss overall. Our associate was able to meet with the venue coordinator and negotiate a date that was almost missed; as our client misdiagnosed the timing and availability to choose between 3 possible venues. The absence of the right venue and catering package included, would have resulted in a loss of 25 % of the client’s budget and that clearly surpassed the cost of our fee that allowed our associate to secure it instead. She had the time that our client did not have, to iron out discrepancies in the terms and the date for the event.

Take Notice!

We lived up to our motto “We Work So You Can Live” and our client enjoyed the value of a good partnership and event to remember. KAYTER2MI, which is located in Florida also maintained their reputation of delivering a memorable event.


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1 Comment

Dolores Gonsalves-Irish
Dolores Gonsalves-Irish
Oct 23, 2018

No need to hire permanent staff with Kimsolv!

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